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PLANTS & ANIMALS: On Monsters, Cyborgs and Other Hybrid Creatures (2018)

exhibition & performance events @ The Learning Machine artist-run gallery, Chicago, Avril - June 2018

Plants & Animals was a tentacular curatorial project that comprised a visual art exhibition and a series of events on care, hybridity, ecologies and practices of inhabiting, interrogating Nature, and how we survive together.

Rebecca Ladida (organizing curator) + 33 visual & performance artists + 15 more collaborators and helpers. Consult the catalog below for details on each participants & their work

Full program
designed by Alex Nawotka      
Plants and Animals was also: a reading group started from April to June, a collective dinner to foster kinship and collaborations ahead of the opening, two performance events, one of them a cross-contamination with Dfbrl8r Gallery’s Bubbly Creek Performance Art Assembly, a community healing event, and other organizing get togethers.

Hybridity is offered here as artillery against the scourge of centuries old Western binaries. It is an invitation to once again think about the categories of machine/nature/human in more-than-human worlds, together with queer, feminist, and anti-racist politics. Plants and Animals is about thinking-with other species. It is about rethinking our relationship to “Nature”, and our understanding of the matters of care. While some are growing plastic eating living organisms, others examine the relations between botany and colonialism, our organ-izational imagination, our relationships to harm, healing, monstruosity, and the potential agency of objects. In Donna Haraway’s words, we are interested in sym-poiesis, the making-with, alongside with “self-making” practices.

“How does feminist, queer, and magical theory disrupt our ideal of the evolving human? How does the Other, a creature of multiplicity, hybridity, and post-humanism, connect back to the land and to other species? As we evolve in conjunction with plants, animals, and the machine, in what ways will we intersect, hybridize, and reconvene?" - Tif Robinette

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)