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Let’s Stop Talking Now (2012)

Rebecca Ladida & Virginie Jourdain
Video* (4:34 min)

Facing the camera, both subjects rest their heads on a pillow and take their turn uttering words and sentences - in both French and English - that are an essential part of the wordplay linked with lesbian and queer seduction and sexuality. The bare bones scene, the matching impersonal clothing style and the almost disembodied attitude of the subjects offer a sequence that is miles away from the physical and exciting scenario that is expected when this subject is at play.

The visual of the piece and the tone being used clash with the very sexually explicit conversation between the subjects. Far from being a romantic and sensual exchange - there is no pillow talk here - the piece does not offer dialogue, but rather a pragmatic guide on "how to sexually survive bilingualism" like the title suggests, or on how to negotiate and fulfill one's desires in a bilingual queer community where one must know the social codes and be familiar with the ever-evolving game of seduction while managing one's own contradictions as a lesbian/feminist/queer being.

Playing off the complete lack of sentimental undertones, the narration is a quick loop of images that synthesizes a relationship - or rather an interaction - between two lovers. The video ironizes our heads on approach to a sexuality that has no taboos and addresses the hardship of understanding one another in various circumstances as well as the apathy that is sometimes a byproduct of this reality. Sex and seduction, straying from love in a self-deprecating manner and perhaps even a bit of sorrow, like a strategic game where one must be quick, efficient and succeed without getting burned.

*presented at I’m Feelin Myself, curated by Miranda Kyle at Downtown Player’s Club (Atlanta, USA), The Wretched Nobles Film Series by Emily Esperanza (Chicago, USA), Femmes' Video Art curated by Micol Hebron, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) (Hollywood, USA), A Tragic Duality, Far As The Curse Is Found, CHICAGQ Exhibition Program by Hanna M. Owens, RAIZVANGUARDA Associação Cultural (Bordeiro, Portugal), La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse, HTMlles & published in dpi. 23, Ada X (Montreal, QC, Canada)


Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)