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Breadcrumbs (2019)

Installation. Bread, wood, paint
July 2019
presented at Ante-Scriptum
curated by 
Ariana Hess and Noah Fields 
Siblings gallery (aka The Condo Association)
Chicago, IL

This piece presents a landscape, an emotional and sculptural landscape.

We inherit from our upbringing an emotional structure that we repeat over and over, because it is all that we know. We must undo what it does to us in the present. We must rewire our brain, unlearn, un-know, make space to know something different so that, in this case, the experiences, the breadcrumbs, aren’t all that we expect of relations. The repetition of old, salvaged bits of bread on the brink of decay presents a poetics of grief, a ritual of letting go, a performance of healing trauma. This assemblage makes for a much different, more beautiful landscape than any crumb, a learned emotional structure transmuted within this open process.

Breadcrumbs (2019) wouldn’t be out of place as a visual addendum to Barthes’s A Lover’s Discourse. Rebecca Ladida’s minimalist sculpture poses the illusion of direction within the disorientation of love: the visual gesture of crumbs leading you on, yet trailing off... A lover’s tease leaving you hungry.”
- Noa/h Fields, co-curator of Ante-Scriptum, poet, artist

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)